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Our dentist may determine that your child’s smile needs to have dental sealants painted onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth to provide a coating of durable plastic resin that blocks the bacteria from plaque and residual food particles. While dental sealants provide additional protection for the biting surface of molars and premolars and lessen the risk of cavities, the tooth enamel on the sides of your child’s teeth is still susceptible to tooth decay.

This means that your child will need to continue to brush and floss all of their teeth every day and may require your assistance.

It’s important to ensure that your child addresses all of the chewing surfaces of their back teeth, including flossing behind the very backs of the teeth in order to prevent the formation of cavities on these unprotected surfaces. Proper tooth care can also prevent dental health issues such as gum disease. The biting surfaces that contain dental sealants still need to be brushed, too, and the durable resin material prevents the sealants from being easily removed by daily tooth brushing.

If you would like to speak with our dentist about your child’s dental sealants in Belpre, Ohio, or how to improve your child’s oral care, we encourage you to call 740-423-8416 and arrange a visit with Dr. Lori Hawkins at Hawkins Family Dentistry.