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Do you want your natural smile to continue on into your old age? With consistent and careful oral care, you may have healthy and strong teeth your whole life. Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are giving your mouth the best care it can receive:

– Do you avoid mouth jewelry?
– Do you eat healthy foods – especially those high in calcium and water content – and avoid simple sugars?
– Do you factor your personal and family dental history into your daily oral hygiene routine? For example, if you have dental work in your mouth, do you take care of it? If your family has a history of oral cancer, do you check for signs?
– Are you using any additional cleaning systems after mealtimes, such as sugarless gum or mouthwash?
– Do you consistently attend semi-annual checkups and professional cleanings with Dr. Lori Hawkins?
– Do you follow any customized instructions that Hawkins Family Dentistry has given you for your oral health?
– Do you use safety gear to guard your face and mouth during sports and other high-risk activities?

To find out more about optimum oral health care treatment options, you can schedule an appointment with our dentist office in Belpre, Ohio by calling 740-423-8416. Dr. Lori Hawkins and our entire team want to ensure your oral health is shining for years to come.