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Have you ever wished to enhance your oral health but were unsure where to begin? Are you beginning to age and want to get your dental care in high gear as soon as you can? The best smiles are possible with aging and dental health care. Facts about aging and dental health include:

– Schedule and attend a professional cleaning at our dentist every six months or as desired if you require an oral examination.

– If regular brushing or flossing becomes too difficult, switch to an electric toothbrush or water flosser.

– Brush your teeth twice a day and floss between your teeth once a day.

– Quit any unpleasant habits in your life that can easily damage your teeth and gums, including using drugs, smoking tobacco, and chewing tobacco.

– Wear safety equipment during any manual labor or high-risk events that threaten the safety of your teeth and gums.

– Remove foods from your diet that can easily crack your teeth, including biting into hard or overly chewy products.

If you think you have oral ailments as a senior, please call Hawkins Family Dentistry so we can get you in to see Dr. Lori Hawkins and our team as soon as possible. Our office is located in Belpre, Ohio, and we can be reached at 740-423-8416. We look forward to hosting your smile!