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Never let your oral hygiene get out of control. Even skipping cleaning routines for a few days can potentially allow plaque build-up to manifest and contribute to dental erosion and tooth decay. Thus, it is important that you’re cleaning your teeth actively every single day. To help keep your teeth clean, use brushing and flossing utensils.

Cleaning your smile depends on making sure that you’re using safe and effective treatments and implementing them correctly. Your technique often ensures that you will have a clean smile that is not missing any debris or plaque buildup. Because brushing cannot clean between teeth, an alternative interdental cleaner such as dental floss will be required. However, if you struggle using traditional threaded floss, consider using a water flosser. Water flossers are designed to clean between teeth safely and effectively by using a steady gush of water.

If you do decide to use a threaded floss, remember to make sure you are taking your time. Ideally, you should floss between 2 to 3 minutes each day and make sure that you are flossing between every single tooth. In addition, floss behind the back row. To prevent recontamination from occurring, never use the same section of a strand more than once. To accomplish this, each strand should be roughly 18“ in length. Wrap an end around a finger on each hand and move up and down the strand as needed. Once you are finished flossing, throw out the strand and use a new one for each subsequent session.

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