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We at Hawkins Family Dentistry love dentistry. In fact, we’ve made it our careers because we love teeth. For thousands of years, human beings have been searching for better ways to care for their teeth. Here is some enlightening trivia from dental history:

-The first evidence of dentistry is from 12,000 B.C. Archeologists unearthed a prehistoric infected tooth cleaned with flint medical tools in ancient Italy.
-In 5000 B.C., we find the first written record of dentistry: a Sumerian manuscript speculating that “tooth worms” are the reason for dental decay. This idea wasn’t actually corrected until the 1700s.
-The first toothbrush was developed in 1600 BC, made by the Chinese from pig hair and animal bone. This design endured for thousands of years.
-In the Middle Ages, dentists were called “barbers”. Not only did they clean and care for teeth but they also acted as medical men, and yes, like the barbers of today, they cut hair.
-Paul Revere, the same man who uttered the famous lines “The British are coming!”, was an apprentice to the first dentist in America, John Baker. After finishing his apprenticeship, he actually advertised his services in a Boston newspaper.
-During Revolutionary War at the Battle of Breed’s Hill, Paul Revere recognized his fallen friend, Dr. Joseph Warren, by examining a dental bridge he had built for him. This is the first known case of post-mortem dental forensics!
-Until the 1880s, when the metal toothpaste tube was first marketed, toothpaste was sold in boxes, bottles, jars and pots.

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