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When the time comes, you need to make sure you do everything you can to enhance your smile as best as possible. If you have sustained any damage to a tooth, feel free to take the necessary steps to restore your smile. Our highly specialized team is dedicated to repairing smiles and getting your oral health back to its natural state. For broken smiles, dental bonding can be extremely helpful.

If you wish to enhance the function and aesthetic of your smile, dental bonding treatments are a highly effective choice to contemplate. Not only are dental bonds effective for merging with a natural smile, but they also work as highly durable composite resins to fill in cavities. Furthermore, they will not leave a metallic shine as a dental amalgam filling will. In addition, dental bonds can be attuned and customized for the shape, length, and space between teeth desired for the ideal smile.

Dental bonding treatments are also exceedingly effective for removing surface issues associated with teeth as well as covering up oral irregularities that may have arisen. If you suffer from cavities, tooth decay, or receding gums, dental bonding treatments can often be useful.

Dr. Lori Hawkins and all of our fantastic team are located in Belpre, Ohio. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Hawkins Family Dentistry for dental bonding, please call our dentist office at 740-423-8416.