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Uncorrected alignment issues with your teeth, and changes in your oral structure as you age can cause two or more of your teeth to meet at an unnatural angle. These deviations in your bite pattern could gradually start to wear on a tooth’s enamel layer.

As the aberrations continue to progress the compromised tooth enamel could potentially start to accumulate bacterial deposits, which could increase your chances of suffering a cavity. It’s also worth noting that the compromised dental structure could make the tooth more prone to suffering a severe dental fracture.

With the regular attendance of your dental checkups, a dentist like Dr. Lori Hawkins will be able to catch the early signs of tooth enamel attrition. In some of these cases she might be able to minimize the relationship between the two teeth by performing a dental contouring treatment.

The treatment process involves making minor edits to the tooth enamel on the biting surface of the offending tooth. The goal is to decrease the relationship between the two teeth without altering their essential function.

If she feels it is necessary Dr. Lori Hawkins might also advise orthodontic measures to correct other deviation in your bite pattern.

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