A Recent Oral Trauma Might Cause a Toothache

Toothache pain is often thought of as being the result of untreated tooth decay. However, it’s also possible for an oral trauma, such as a sports injury or other accidental blow to the face, to cause toothache pain. In a situation like this, the pain often occurs immediately following the dental impact. However, it is… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Endodontic Therapy

Do you have an appointment approaching that involves endodontic therapy? If so, good for you! Endodontic therapy, which is also known as root canal therapy, is a great way to restore your tooth and improve your oral health. To help you know a little more about this treatment so you can prepare for your appointment,… Read more »

Do These Things to Treat Your Chipped Chomper

Your smile is extremely important, which makes dental emergencies quite scary and nerve-wracking, right? However, even though this is the case, there is no need to worry. Our dental team has the experience and skills needed to help you restore your oral health. But first, there are things you need to do to begin treatment…. Read more »

Treat Your Smile to a Little Bonding Time

Have you been giving your smile the attention and care it deserves? Have you been brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing every day? Have you gone in to see your dentist for a regular checkup and professional cleaning yet this year? If you have not been taking care of your smile, it… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Help You Smile with Confidence

Sometimes, a tooth can be lost because of severe decay, gum disease, an injury, or another issue. If you have lost one or more teeth, Dr. may recommend a dental bridge in , . Two dental crowns with a replacement tooth in between make up a dental bridge. The dental crowns are placed on the… Read more »

Choose the Tooth Whitening Treatment That Works Best for Your Needs

Are you looking to improve your smile by enhancing the color of your teeth? If so, one of the best methods for bringing out the color in your teeth without replacing or concealing them is a tooth whitening treatment. Choose the tooth whitening treatment that works best for your needs. Listed below is some information… Read more »

Your Oral Health Deserves Optimum Care with Composite Fillings

At Hawkins Family Dentistry located in Belpre, Ohio, Dr. Lori Hawkins and our team are pleased to offer cosmetic, tooth-colored dental fillings for our patients seeking to repair a tooth with cavities. A cavity is a hole that has been created by the degradation of tooth enamel. Our cosmetic, tooth-colored dental fillings can fill the hole… Read more »

Great Smiles Have Great Oral Hygiene

Great smiles take patience, care, and a commitment to healthy oral hygiene habits daily. Brushing twice daily and flossing daily are an integral part of your oral health. However, they are merely methods of treatment to protect your teeth and gums on the oral battlefield. Additional layers of protection far in advance are just as… Read more »

Professional Teeth Whitening to Brighten Your Teeth for the New Year

This year, you can greet your challenges with confidence and a bright smile by coming into to get your smile whitened. A professional whitening treatment or take-home whitening kit are both great ways to prepare your teeth for what comes in the new year. Getting your teeth whitened in our office is one of the… Read more »

Basic Information to Help Provide First Aid for a Knocked-Out Tooth

The American Association of Endodontists estimates that approximately five million teeth are knocked out every single year. A significant number of these incidents can be related to inadequate or inconsistent use of a quality mouth guard while participating in athletics. The force needed to sever the periodontal ligaments anchoring a tooth in the socket often… Read more »